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French singer, composer and producer elodieO is a staple of New York City's Lower East Side/Nublu electro scene that nurtured Kudu and Brazilian Girls. Her sound is an elegant mix of '60s Nico-esque pop, '80s disco beats and '90s golden era trip-hop and down-tempo. Reminiscent of Goldfrapp, Bjork, Françoise Hardy and Etienne Daho, her musical world blends electronic elements with acoustic instruments (think original '80s synths mixed with cello or accordion).

Following the 'Amoureuse' record and film release, elodieO’s latest project will fuse cinema, dance, music, fashion and animation into a truly innovative, modern and unconventional musical film. elodieO received a grant from the Austrian Music Fund for the music production of the project (it was produced in Vienna's Go East Studio, in collaboration with Robbie Ost). Stay tuned for updates on the new film and album!


elodieO's new film project is the culmination of her long-time vision. Since the age of nine, she has immersed herself in the worlds of drama, dance, and music with an absolute determination to, one day, meld those three worlds in her own way and create her own version of a contemporary musical. Between Paris and New York, elodieO trained as a dancer, musician and actress (NYU, Théatre National de Chaillot, French Musical Conservatory graduate in cello, Ecole de Enfants du Spectacle) and her professional experiences include acting in a major French sitcom, dancing and singing on Broadway, releasing three full-length albums and an EP, being on a handful of compilations and 12 inch, as well as playing international music festivals.


elodieO’s last album, 'Stubborn', released in 2008 on Mulatta Pop Records, was extremely well received by regional and national press in the U.S. and Canada and has received support from key national radio stations such as NPR and Radio Canada. The album features guest spots from internationally known artists, including Aaron Johnston and Jesse Murphy of Brazilian Girls.


elodieO has collaborated with Lee Scratch Perry on the song "Revelation".


Over the last few years, elodieO has worked tirelessly to perform live for crowds across Europe (5 Euro tours), Canada, and the U.S.

with over 200 shows under her belt including opening for Cat Power (while part of the band Elm, which she co-founded). Her 20-date U.S. and Canadian tour in the winter of 2008, supporting the release of 'Stubborn', was sponsored by the French Music Export Office and Hotel Indigo. More recently, she had the honor of participating in French pop legend Serge Gainsbourg’s tribute in Boston, where she shared the bill with Lulu and Bambou Gainsbourg.






“Imagine Bjork with tinges of Billie Holliday and a soupçon of Teutonic chanteuse Nico”- The Washington Post


“elodieO’s cinematic live sound is a equal mix of electronic and live elements. It is organic and very contemporary, groovy and evocative…you could not not listen - or be unmoved.” - Boston Globe


PRI The World's Marco Werman chose elodieO as his "Global Hit" interview in November 2008, which aired on over 200 PRI/NPR stations.


“elodieO gave her music a sultry, sexy twist with her breathy singing and energetic body movements at Nublu recently. Her music, a mixture of ’60s electronic pop, dance and even some reggae elements, made people dance on the spot with its eccentricity and funky beats.” - CMJ


"elodieO is a pop gem with a soft French accent that sings over cello, harp, guitars and organ, elevating it from your usual live show."

- NY Press


“As hard as it may be, try to imagine a contemporary electronic French artist who rather than using pulsing and grinding synths, utilizes ambient techniques as the soundscapes for her delicate vocals. How many vocalists can also truthfully claim to compose the music which they also croon over? elodieO provides the instrumentation, playing the cello, harp, guitars as well as organ for her chilled out tunes." -URB Magazine


"A singer whose breathy, visceral voice is matched only by the 21st-century downtempo electro-pop that backs her up." ... “as beautiful a debut as one might hope for.”- XLR8R


"Refined music critics from any corner of the world love to use French words like 'chanteuse' in their reviews to describe charming lady singers …with melancholy, elegant pensiveness, balanced reaction to feelings, and a sophisticated, intelligent beauty. In the case of elodieO, even the roughest music critic would use it. Elodie's music is a refined combination of sparse, carefully chosen electronic sounds and - naturally - a beautiful whispery voice with a charming French accent."- Deli Magazine



“"Rich in textures as well as influences, her music relies on layers of heavy bass, arpeggios of blips and beeps, surging synth chords, and flourishes of cello, chimes, and guitar, as well as her unusual vocal stylings."- Amplifier Magazine


“She smoothly tosses off chic electro-lounge pop that organically flits from one muse to another in an exhilarating fashion.”- FFWD Weekly


  "Judging by a music video and concert review, ElodieO's dance and theatre training have served her well." - Vancouver Courier


elodieO, New York’s latest it girl, songwriter and all-round production wunderkind. Her unique brand of electronic music has been feasted upon by audiences across the globe; and now Canada, it’s your turn. (Stubborn) showcases an eclectic mishmash of new-world tech and traditional jazz sensibilities sewn together so eloquently by her enchanting melodies."-


“It may be too easy to describe elodieO as a chanteuse — her breathy voice, singing alternately in French and delicately accented English, possesses all the qualities of a cabaret singer — but this chanteuse salutes the tradition of French pop by adding an electronic twist.” – Venus Zine


“Stubborn is the work of a natural musician - beautifully composed, pleasingly layered, and elegantly executed - a triumph for an artist who composes and arranges her own material…The effortless beauty of each song and its composition mark this album out as a fantastic debut.” - Wear the Trousers


“An album meant to be enjoyed” – Popstars Plus


“elodieO's translucent franco-electro antipop captures the way Alphabet City felt in the early eighties: Simultaneously Avant-Garde and Romantic…the perfect chill soundtrack to everything.”-  Online Music Phenoms


“elodieO, all the way from France, is adorable...her voice of course has the ethereal, lilting French quality we love, but with all of the Instrumentation and the programming Involved, well, it’s almost enough to melt us completely. See her now before she gets really big!” -Radio Mike


One of the most intriguing debut albums of the year is courtesy of Parisian born elodieO …Giving what could have been an overtly electronic album a nice acoustic and organic feel, Stubborn is quite a striking work… marking elodieO as one of the more striking experimental French artists on the scene.” – Moon In The Gutter




Key press support


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